The Ogunquit Sewer District provides treatment for up to 1.28 million gallons per day of sanitary wastewater for the Town of Ogunquit. The wastewater treatment facility was last upgraded in 1993 and included new clarifiers, chlorination and de-chlorination systems, sludge de-watering facility, four bay garage and ocean outfall. The District presently owns, operates and maintains 12 pumping stations and +/- 20 miles of sewer lines throughout the Town. The facility’s operations and alarm system is monitored and controlled by computer program known as SCADA system. The District also participates in a Bio-solids Utilization Program, which assists local farmers with hay cultivation.
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Wastewater treatment is accomplished by secondary treatment. Sanitary sewers carry wastewater from homes and businesses to the plant. Headworks include bar screens which let water pass through but filter out trash, which is collected and disposed of. A grit chamber slows down the flow of water, allowing sand, grit and other heavy solids to settle out.

Secondary Treatment: Removes 85 – 90% of the pollutants, an aeration tank supplies large amounts of air to a mixture of wastewater, bacteria, and microorganisms. Oxygen speeds the growth of these helpful organisms, which consume harmful organic matter. A secondary sedimentation tank allows the microorganisms and solid waste to settle out. A disinfectant, such as chlorine, is introduced at this point to kill any remaining disease-causing organisms, followed by a de-chlorination treatment prior to the water being returned to the environment.