Fixed User Charge:  Represent the expenses which are “fixed” to the District; those expenses that would be incurred regardless of flow (i.e. bond payments, percent of electricity, insurances, etc.)

Operating & Maintenance:   Represent the total costs to the District to operate and maintain the system.

For connected users:
Fixed User Charge: $165.00 for accts UNDER 10,000 cuft, base unit of 5,000 cubic ft
                             $190.00 for accts. OVER 10,000 cuft base unit of 5,000 cubic ft

Operating & Maintenance: $0.052 per cubic foot water usage

Commercial Kitchen Waste Surcharge: $0.015 per cubic foot commercial kitchen waste water usage. (Appears on the bills as 0.00 if it doesn’t apply to you)

Minimum Sewer Bill: (1 – 2500 cubic feet) $295.00

Unconnected Users or zero use accounts will be charged a flat rate Fixed User Charge: $165.00